Thrifty Thursday 

Thursday’s I’ll share another minimalist way we save money. Thrifting is awesomely minimalist and thrifty of course as you are able to buy merchandise that would other wise go to waste, use up for whatever amount of time we may need it and then pass it along. Thus lessening our consumerism.  We visited our local […]

Welcome Back

I have missed blogging. It has been four years since I took to writing to strangers on the internet.  I am hopeful my new content will encourage you in your walk in faith, motherhood, or frugality. So many things have changed since the last time I wrote. I have 3 children now.  For the purpose of this blog I will call them Rocky, Keke and the Lone Ranger. I am still married to my best friend which for the purposes of this blog will be know as Dream Boat. Over the past 4 years a lot has changed and our family has been pulled in new directions and fostered in some old. If you are a previous follower hi again. If you are new here welcome!