Thrifty Thursday 

Thursday’s I’ll share another minimalist way we save money. Thrifting is awesomely minimalist and thrifty of course as you are able to buy merchandise that would other wise go to waste, use up for whatever amount of time we may need it and then pass it along. Thus lessening our consumerism.

We visited our local thrift store this week and scored some awesome homeschooling supplemental items.

We have a hot dots pen and I had to snag these cards. They were $.75 and work with any hot dots pen.

We bought my husband a video game since it was only $2 I thought why not.

The Charlie Brown Anatomy book was also $.75 and I adore how detailed and engaging it is. Score!

The McGraw hill reading book is perfect for early readers. Many poem and small word stories. I would guess that all my kids will enjoy this until a later grade. A large book for $1.75.

The Dinosaur book was wonderfully illustrated for a Dino loving family. Great price of $1.75.

The bedtime boys devotion was not bad price of $1.75.

And the pink sliver is a Disney princess book of two stories.  A steal at $.75.

Our total came in around $9.

Happy Thursday!


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