9 Things No One Tells You About Motherhood

My true calling in life is motherhood. I can’t imagine who I’d be without my children. There are a lot of things no one will tell you before you enter the trenches. And there are a lot of things no one will admit. Here are a simple few. 

  1. People will love to give your kids unhealthy food. It’s constant. Family get together, holidays, work family events. Just be prepared to rein in a lot of candy. And then they will point out that junior didn’t finish his meal. It’ll drive you batty. Count to ten. 
  2. Moms feel immediate pressure to post a weight loss selfie following birth. Don’t believe me check your feed. Thanks unrealistically distorted beauty standards. A flat stomach 4 weeks after birth shouldn’t be something women feel pressured to achieve. Stay in your baby’s love Mamas. You are beautiful. 
  3. You will never stop feeling guilt. Ever. “Do I make nutritionally sound meals enough?” “Do I contribute enough to our family?” “Do all my kids feel equally loved?”  It’s never ending. But good news, it’s a pretty obvious indication of a good mom. 
  4. You’re doing it wrong. According to someone out there you are a bad mom. You are not. Judgey judgerson is dumb. 
  5. You don’t need to explain your kids or experience to anyone. If you want your kid to have a treat before dinner and ole big eyes is watching, smile. If your spectrum child is running circles while everyone else’s child is standing in line and following directions, smile. No ones opinion of you matters more than your babies. So don’t answer to anyone and smile through the journey. 
  6. Remember when you thought having a clean house, well dressed kids and genius babies was important? It’s not. Stop it. Catching someone’s throw up in your hand without flinching is. Be there in connection. Not in perfection. 
  7. No one is going to see it. Any of it. The 765 magical things you did in love before lunch. But there will come a day your kid will think man my Mom loves me and walk away from something you prayed they would never be caught in. 
  8. God sees it. He’s proud of you. Raising and loving your blessings for his kingdom. 
  9. This work you are doing day in and day out. Breakfast, coffee, story time, lunch, play, laundry… it is important. It shouldn’t be down played or taken for granted. But it will be at some point you will feel it or see it or hear it from someone. Don’t pull away from the calling press in. Show the world what a Mother can do! 

You got this Mama.  


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