Thrifty Thursday! Leftover Cabbage Recipe:Easy Fried Brown Rice 

If you are like me and get excited for a sale you may have plenty of cabbage in your fridge from a St.  Paddy’s Day. What to do what to do. Roasted cabbage can only get you so far. 

TA-DA. Fried rice! You can add just about any vegetable in your fridge leftover veggie or protein.  I’m keeping mine basic today. 

The players

Step one heat oil over low heat. When you can smell it add the rice. Season with garlic powder. 

Yum. I have a love for garlic rice. Insert heart eye emoji here. 

Next chop cabbage. And any other veggies you like. 

Remove rice from pan and set aside. Add more oil and allow to heat. Add cabbage cook over low heat. 

And peel a well washed carrot into pan. Cook until leaves are translucent. 

Almost fully cooked. 

Now add one egg and some soy sauce to a small bowl. 

So pretty. Whisk. Move veggies to one side of the pan and place egg mix on the other. Allow to cook.  

Once egg is cooked mix that and the veggies together. Yum! Now add back your rice and heat through. Serve hot. Add salt and soy sauce to taste. 
 Happy leftovering. Is that a thing? Is now! 


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