5 Ways I Have Become Healthier Without Spending a Dime

I love feeling good and I love being frugal here are 5 ways I have achieved both simultaneously!

1. Cut back on caffeine. I know coffee *swoon* heart emoji. With all the studies that tote coffees benefits you don’t hear a lotabout caffeines negatives. For starters caffeine speeds up digestion giving your body less time to absorb the nutrients you supply it with. Trust me your cells will thank you if you cut back on the frappes. Caffeine has also been said to decrease blood flow in the brain and increase adrenaline in the body. Lessening our natural patterns of rest and cognitive thinking. There is nothing wrong with a little but the more you consume the worse for your body and your wallet. Ease off the espresso and watch the differences come. 

2. WALK! When I first became a minimalist or wannabe minimalist I forced myself to stay away from stores. To get out of the house before  where would I go you guessed it -the mall. Nowadays I avoid the mall like the plague and if I need a change of scenery we lace up our shoes and pound the ground. I’ve gained endurance, muscle and money! Not to mention new studies suggest walking is the healthiest exercise for overall fitness. Happy trails. 

3. Eat with the seasons. Buy produce that is on sale and in season. This will save you big bucks and help you to eat tons more veggies and fruits in your diet. I know you are thinking, how is that a free tip? The thing is if  you are buying what’s on season instead of what ever you are craving you will be getting so much more food for the same money you spend every week on produce. Thus not increasing your costs but increasing your health. 

4. Utilize your library. What? How can that make you healthier you ask. A reading mind is an active mind. Exposing ourselves to new ideas and topics keeps the dust off the old noodle and keeps staleness at bay. 

5. Be social. It costs nothing to be friendly at the park or other area with other Moms. Friends in motherhood do amazing things for fighting isolation and loneliness. No man is an island and you shouldn’t be one either! 


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