Fun Friday: What’s Inside My Bag

I thought I would do one of these posts as a fun get to know you. I always love seeing other ladies tricks and how tos and I think seeing inside someone’s bag is the absolute most intimate girlfriend thing you could share. Like that friend you don’t mind coming over when the laundry was still unfolded on the couch. An “I’m comfortable with you” invitation if you will! Because we are friends. So hi friend!

I absolutely adore this purse. I use it everyday as a Mom with one child in diapers. 

It is from Fossil and called the Sydney Satchel. I also have the matching wallet. 

“Hold on I thought this girl was frugal?” Yes! Thank you. I am.  I believe in buying less of higher quality items. Because if I buy 4 purses in a year at $25 a pop I have not only wasted money but also time and energy. So I research and buy quality the first time. That is a frugal tip I learned on the way! It’s not a deal if it’s cheap! And I anticipate this purse lasting several more years.  

So back to the fun. This is everything I have in my purse right now. 

I always carry two diapers and a ziploc of wipes. I have one child still in diapers and why a ziploc you ask? Because wipes containers get dirty. Often.  And I throw them out often! So I found the ziploc was perfect. 

I also carry:

  • Several pens. I carry several for myself and my husband for church, errands or Drs office. Community pen at the sick people building? No thanks, I’m good. 
  • An old pair of glasses in a case for emergencies. 
  • A dollar store notebook and a crayon roll. 
  • Various sanity/tolietry items.  
  • Some makeup. 
  • Hand lotion. 
  • Right now I have See’s candy gift cards because my in laws always give them to me and I need to redeem them.  
  • I also carry a comb and hair ties for my daughter
  • And some candy for emergencies! If you don’t know what a candy emergency is you may not enjoy this blog! 

This is a beautiful shade and this brand is amazing. NYX I love your lipsticks. 

This Estée Lauder lip conditioner has been my go to for years. 

The mirror was a gift from a dear friend when she visited Korea. 

Must have for me. I could not live without this lotion as my hands get very dry, crack and bleed during cold months. 

I won this roll on a Facebook crafting page and I can’t remember the ladies name as it was years ago. This and the dollar store notebook are all I carry for the kids. My children are very into coloring and this will keep them busy for a long time. 

So how do I have such a small purse with small children? I’m not a snack Mom. And by that I mean my kids get meals and I want them to eat their meals so I do not give them snacks often. I do not carry snacks with me unless we will be out long or at a park date. I learned this the hard way after years of pleading with them to eat dinner I realized I was my own worst enemy and changed our families eating habits. So we don’t really do snacks on the go.  At most they will carry a cup but usually I just have one big water to share. I keep extra diapers and clothes for the youngest in the car and I don’t see   much more I could possibly need while out. So that’s it. Pretty simple and carefree. Happy weekend!


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