5 Things to Eat When You Are Tempted by Unhealthy Food

1. What to eat when you want candy? 

Fruit and seeds/nuts. I know what you are thinking. This lady is crazy. That tastes nothing like candy. But hear me out. The natural sugar in fruit will help your sweet tooth while the healthy fats in seeds/nuts will satiate your appetite. Try it and see how you feel. You may be surprised. 

2. What to eat instead of chips?

Popcorn! If you use paper bags and plain kernels in the microwave alla Alton Brown you are getting a filling, crunchy whole grain. I’m not against a small amount of butter either as we do need fat to feel full. I just personally like plain popcorn. The fact that this is usually less than thirty cents a serving is just icing on the cake. 

3. What to have when you want soda? 

Sparkling water and juice. I recommend real fruit juice and unflavored water. Real fruit juice has high vitamin c contents and some potassium! Both nutrients we need while soda has nada. Zip zilch. Why wouldn’t you choose this?

4. What to have when you want baked goods? 

I love the taste of oatmeal with some honey and nondairy milk. If I would get that late night craving for cake I’d have some oatmeal. Now I crave oatmeal! With protein and fiber it’s no wonder why. 

5. What to eat when you want ice cream?

I’m not against having a serving of sherbet when a serious craving hits.  But since going dairy free I reach for apple sauce more times than not for a craving.  Unsweetened apple sauce has nutrients and vitamins to help you reach your lifestyle goals quicker than ice cream will. Once your body is saturated with vitamins you will feel the difference and reach for the nutrient dense real food everytime. 
Of course if you can not get the unhealthy food out of your mind eat some. Honestly have some. Taste it. Enjoy it. Savor it. Otherwise you will eat your way through much more food trying to fill that void. Don’t feel guilty one bit! Enjoy it and move on. But once you change your lifestyle to focus on nutrients (notice I didn’t say calories) you will crave those unhealthy foods less and less. 


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