Why Kids Don’t Need a Perfect Mom

I always imagined my motherhood as that one scene in Lord of the Rings when Arwen gets off the horse and saves Frodo shrouded in angelic light. Here to rescue, save, protect and to look pretty fantastic while doing so of course! Reality turned out to be far closer to a three ring circus with me not so much the ring leader but the juggler perched precariously on a ball sweating as they make their best effort to keep it all in the air. Very close to dropping something and falling on their bum!

 If perfection is what you are chasing let me encourage you to stop. Now. 

If you are like me and forget to defrost dinner often, leave the laundry for one day too many or lost patience on the eighty second time you asked everyone to put their shoes on congratulations you are leading your children better then you might imagine. Every chance you show your humanity to those little darlings, intentional or not, is actually growing the kingdom. 

If you were perfect day in and out or at least feigned to be in front of the kids…

If you made the beds everyday and never raised your voice… 

If you had your act together everyday and every moment…

Tell me where is the Christ in that? 

No I’m not talking being intentionally unholy. I’m talking being real. Letting your children see you fall on your knees is one of the absolute best things you could give them. Having a mother stumble through love with faith solely in God will carry them farther than any perfectly radiant figured memory ever could in life. 

There is no freedom to a child like the freedom of growing in grace. Don’t let pride steal that from your mothering. Don’t lie to yourself and say you got this. Because you don’t. I don’t. None of us do. We are living in a fallen world. Desperate for the redemption of Christ. Not one perfect. But we don’t have to be and the sooner our kids know that the sooner they may know the one that is perfect! 

Until next time. Happy mothering friends!


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