Thrifty Thursday: My Number One Tip to Start a Frugal Lifestyle

A lot of people hear the word frugal and extreme measures flash in their mind. Like those TLC shows where people buy a months worth of groceries for a dime or dinner from the garbage. That’s not frugal. That’s extreme. Frugal is a lifestyle adjusted to your specific situation to fit your specific needs. There are no limits or perimeters to how creative you can get or in the other direction how basic you could be with it either. 

When I first started this frugal lifestyle I had no idea what I was doing or where to start and I found that many other thrifty ladies recommend getting your food bill in order as step one. I reslized how all over the map our eating was. No menu, no plan, no rhyme or reason to my shopping. I just bought what we wanted to eat no matter the price. And if I didn’t feel like cooking we would do something else (at more expenses of course). So I started menu planning. I stopped buying the things I hoped my family would eat and menu planned what we really enjoyed as step one. Then surprise I had food to actually cook a meal in the house! No more last minute rush to the store because I just figured out what I was making that morning. 

Now we still eat out and husband still buys lunch many days at work but we can afford and enjoy that because I consistently cook many many meals at home. 

“Why is she telling this?”

Because I want you to see how small you can start.  You might be facing a mountain and you think there is no way I can get through this thing without some dynamite. The truth of it is dynamite is powerful but it’ll often make a huge mess. If you start huge chances are you will get burned out and frustrated before you see any progress. If you want to make a real lasting impact START SMALL.


And there it is my number one tip for frugal living: start small

How can you do something small today that will lessen your financial burden? Or maybe you have no burden but you want your money to do more. Maybe you want to be able to give more or help more financially. Whatever your reason start small

Maybe that could be stop eating away from home for a month. 

Or clean out that garage and have a yard sale. 

Or take lunch to work. 

Or meal plan. 

Or only buy what is on sale

Or give up one item you buy every trip to the store that is a luxury. 

Or, or, or. 

The possibilities are endless where to start. 

In future thrifty Thursday posts I hope to further outline ideas for you and small things I do consistently that save us big bucks. 

So start today. And start small. 


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