3 Things to Do to Protect Your Marriage in Your Motherhood

This is just a simple reminder. Your husband was there before the kids, he will be there after. He loves you and probably misses all the time he had with you. No, I’m not suggesting you neglect the kids to date your husband all over again all the time. I just am going to recommend some things I’ve found beneficial to my marriage. We are NOT perfect. I have yet to meet a couple that hasn’t walked through something.  But we ARE together for the long haul. And that means making sure when the kids leave I don’t look at him and ask “who are you again?”.

1. Greet him. It doesn’t have to be a big show or effort even. But if he comes in let him know you are happy he’s home. There are a lot of men that don’t come home. If you have one that does be sure to notice!

2. Shave your legs girl! Ok I’m not so bold as to talk intimacy. That’s above  my calling. But do you put effort into yourself still? I’ve been in circles and heard a running joke about summer coming time to shave again. Uh…you only shave when a stranger sees your legs? What about for your husband? You know the one you are bonded to for eternity. Put some effort in for him. I promise it’ll pay off. 

3. Tell him how much you appreciate him! Tell everyone else as well. In fact while you are at it don’t criticize him to others. (of course not suggesting don’t seek counsel when needed but do so with discretion and respect) Mark Twain said “I can live for two months on a good compliment” and most men are the same. It matters so much their wife’s voice. Make it one of life. 

Just a friendly reminder don’t forget why you started this whole journey in the first place or who with! 


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