Five Tips For Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

I have had a few babies and with every pregnancy I have gained quite a bit of weight. After several weight loss seasons I’ve learned a few things that I would like to share. Breastfeeding has helped me tremendously to lose weight but mostly it’s been some hard learned  practices when it comes to food. Here are some things I learned through trial and error and watching others. 

1. Be decerning in health trends. Gluten free brownies are no more healthy than gluten laden brownies.  Coconut oil and olive oil may be healthier oils but they are still oils! Kombucha is not going to help your gut all that much if it has 28 grams of sugar. A whole medium avacodo has over half your daily recommended fat for a day. Really look at food labels and see what you are eating!

Gluten free? First ingredient is still sugar!

2. Stop counting calories, count nutrients. This one is so important. Woman especially have been lead to believe that they will be healthy if they limit their calories and eat diet food. That simply isn’t true and lead me to some of my sickest days. Eat for nutrients in real food and you will be satisfied and healthy. 

3. Don’t beat yourself up about slip ups. If you have cake enjoy the cake get back into it once the cake is finished. Don’t let one indulgence take your motivation and make you feel poorly or hopeless. I eat cake but once I’m done with my treat I get back to my healthy lifestyle. Because we are humans and not robots!

4. Don’t reward yourself with food. If you worked out don’t use it as an excuse to eat something naughty. 80% of physical fitness is made through dietary choices. 

5. Eat more vegetables. They are the absolute best to give you a wide range of vitamins in your diet and to provide fiber to help clean your body. It is not a punishment to you but a reward to your body. Think of this as its reward for working hard for you. Change your thinking change your life!

Keep in mind nothing can beat a healthy well rounded diet. And no exercise program can replace a poor diet at that. Until next time have a blessed day. 


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