Thrifty Thursday: 3 Ways to Encourage Your Spouse to Be Frugal

Every Thursday I share another way to get further in depth in your thrifty journey. Today’s tips are centered around something very important- getting your spouse on board. 

We all know when married a lot of decisions are tied fully to our spouse. I have talked to many woman who have told me they’d love to do so and so but they could never get their spouse on board and therefore feel stuck in whatever they are walking through.  I know without a doubt I could never be successful in many areanas without my husbands encouragement or support. So before you begin any financial change getting your spouse on board should be priority number one. Here are three tips when you feel there may be some resistance. 

1. Pray about it. Bring it to God before you say a word to your spouse. Pray. Why are you doing this? What do you hope to accomplish? What are you most anixous about? Bring it all to the Lord! And be willing to let Him direct your steps. 

2. Approach gently. Approaching gently on any topic is something I’ve had to work on in my own marriage. I’m a doer and doers like to jump into what ever is consuming their thoughts. We like to get to work and aren’t big on the talking and planning part. At times this can come off gruff, bossy and dare I say the other b word as well? Really set your mind to speak gently and take your time. Don’t blame for any financial anything. You are in this together. On the same side. Starting fresh. Approach gently.  

3. Make it fun. No one is going to want to save money if it means being constantly chastised. Try setting a goal/reward. Encourage and smile. You will get much further and enjoy this journey much more if you see every step as an improvement.  Not if you evaluate everything as not good enough and a reason to be upset. Keep it fun!
Until next time. Be blessed and be a blessing ladies!


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