One Chicken Five Days: Round 2

As promised a fresh new take on one chicken five days. With all new recipes. Ready for round 2? Good!

In one corner we have a 5.5 pound antibiotic free, cage free, prime poultry selection.

In the other a Mom with some gumption. Determined to make this baby last five, count them, five days.

Day 1:

Season the bird and place in slow cooker for 7ish hours on low.  Until temperature reads 165 and juices run clear. There will be lots of juices.

We ate a normal serving of chicken on this day with a side of 1 hour yeast rolls, insert heart emoji, and broccoli.

It was delicious.

Day 2:

Since this falls on the week before Easter weekend I realized I will not be able to do five days in a row since we will be leaving on day five for out of town. So what is a girl to do? Thinking…thinking…light bulb. Freezer cook the fifth meal. If you are not familiar with freezer cooking prepare to get your mind blown. I made a meal and put it in the freezer, all I have to do when we come back from our Easter trip is defrost and heat in the oven. It will be prefect for the day after we get back. As we will probably get home late and spend the next day doing laundry so I will take it out and put in the fridge when we get home and the next day near dinner time I won’t have any prep time!

So all that to say I picked the bird clean this day. I put the bones in the freshly washed slow cooker, added water, peppercorns and some bay leaves and set to low for a good 18 hours. IMG_7352


I was able to get another four cups of good meat off of this bird after our first night feast. IMG_7351Since I had a package of multicolored peppers I decided to make fajitas tonight and then I would make our freezer meal for our meal number five!


I cooked one onion, three garlic cloves and three bell peppers in some olive oil. I added a little water and put the lid on to get the peppers soft. Then I added my spices. I usually eyeball and taste test this part but our family likes spice and cumin so I usually add a lot of those two items.IMG_7357.JPG

I added a little water stirred and then added my chicken meat.

It was delicious. We ate it with refried beans and flour tortillas.

So onto the freezer meal for day five. Hmm something that will freeze well? What to make? I got it broccoli, rice and chicken casserole. All of the elements freeze well and it is delicious. I got this recipe from Money saving mom and you can link the original here. I however do not use Campbell’s a lot anymore so I did not have it on hand. Instead I seasoned with garlic and onion powder and taste tested, it was delicious.

I put it in the casserole dish it will be cooked in and covered with foil and placed in the freezer.

Day 3:

Our yummy bone broth smelled amazing when I woke up this morning. At eighteen hours I removed the bones and drained it through a fine mesh sieve. IMG_7365

Today’s players

On the menu chicken potato soup. If you wanted you could add milk, by way of a roux, to this and it would be delicious. (I am dairy free as mentioned before but have found I can tolerate dairy better if cooked so I still make the family some of their favorites for dinner and partake. I do however limit it to infrequently.)

First I sweated my veggies in some fat.


Then I added our bone broth and  the potatoes cubed.


Brought it all to a boil and cooked the potatoes. Once cooked I used my masher and mashed the potato cubes into little piece. Once that was done in went the chicken. Salt and pepper to taste and this is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Serve with cheese and crackers or rolls. I served it with green beans as well,  for well myself honestly. Here are the ones I didn’t eat while snapping. Yummy.


Good food for a lighter meal.

Day 4:

I was torn on what to make this day. I really wanted to make Chicken Shepard’s Pie but I didn’t know if two days in a row of white potatoes would be well received. I decided to go ahead and make what I wanted anyway. I am sorry if you are not a white potato eater. I really do believe you should reconsider though. Those babies have kept generations alive through countless famines. Nutritious, humble little guys. How could you not love them?

So I didn’t have a recipe for this so I made one up. Everything I found online had ingredients I would have to make another trip to the store for and if you know me you know I am a one trip a week girl. If we don’t have something we make do! So here is me making do!

The stars


I forgot to include 2 tablespoons of flour and an onion in the picture so just know you will need that as well.

First chop those veggies. I used 4 carrots and 2 stalks of celery. If I was to remake it I would do one stalk of celery as my family are not fans of this item. I am but I was outvoted. I also did a whole onion and 3 garlic cloves because 3 is my magic number and then I get to sing that song as I cook!


Saute your veggies in butter and boil your potatoes!


I remember my Mom telling me as a young girl “if you want to fool people into thinking you can cook gourmet, saute some onion,celery and garlic in a little butter. The aroma is heavenly.” Mom was right. The candle manufactures need to get on this.


Mom never mentioned if you added chicken your mouth would water. Dinner smells good tonight! So after you add and thoroughly mix the chicken remove from heat. In a new pan make your roux.

Melt 2 tablespoons of butter and add in 2 tablespoons of flour: whisk well. Let that cook a good minute. Then add 1 cup of milk. Stir very well and cook over medium low heat until it thickens.

You will know it is ready when you stir and it takes a second to come back together. Add to veggie/chicken pan.

Mix well and place in casserole dish.


Season with salt and pepper. My potatoes were ready at this part. So I drained them and added butter and milk and mashed. I wanted to make sure they were very creamy so I did a once over with my hand mixer.


I used five potatoes and that was plenty for this dish. Season with salt and pepper and place in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.

While this was cooking I made a salad as a side to use up any veggies that would perish while we were on our trip.

Dinner this night was a BIG hit. Pretty proud to say I can cook. Insert smile face!


Amazing and simple comfort food.

Day 5:

In the freezer for our next meal at home!

I hope this post blessed you. Happy leftovering home keepers!


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