Thrifty Thursday: 5 Things I Just Don’t Buy

One of the easiest ways to lessen costs is to just stop buying junk! Well that’s easier said then done when we live in an age where we are bombarded with advertising and wants masqueraded as needs. Where do we start with eliminating excess? Here’s a quick list of 5 easy things to stop buying today. 

1. Paper napkins. A few years ago we bought a 12 pack of nice cloth napkins off of Amazon for around a dollar a piece and we haven’t looked back since. It’s drastically reduced our waste. Not to mention I have completely stopped buying paper napkins and a pack of paper towels now lasts us a month. Seriously do this, the savings add up! 

2. Magazines. If you still buy magazines you need to seriously examine this purchase. A while ago a viral video showed a man tearing out every advertisement of popular women’s magazines. When he was done he was left with less than 10% of the original pages actually being content. It was eye opening. We are paying for advertisements, to be told we are not good enough and a piece of clutter in our homes. Ditch these pieces of excess. 

3. Soda. 

If you are drinking soda please stop. I will very occasionally buy a ginger ale for myself. But our kids will rarely if ever drink soda in this house and my husband is very scant in his consumption of a 7up or sprite as well. We never, however, drink dark cola. If you buy this you are only paying for added sugar and pounds. 

4. New cars. My husband and I are of the same mind that we will not buy a new car. While some believe you are buying another persons problems buying used we believe you are throwing away money buying new. We let others take the initial depreciation driving a new vehicle off the lot and enjoy the savings ourselves. 

5. Candles. 

I’ve given up buying candles recently after realizing I enjoy opening the windows or simmering natural scents even more.  I’ll use a diffuser on occasion but have really come to appreciate fresh air over any packaged scent. And examining my past popular candle brand addiction you can see where this created huge savings!

These are just a few small things to consider eliminating from your budget and lives. 

Happy thrifty Thursday friends. 


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