Homeschool and Summer Dollar Tree Haul 

I know what you are thinking! This girl is a (wannabe) minimalist and shops at the dollar tree!? I get it I do. Cheap and clutter isn’t my thing either but I’ll tell you what you can score some fun and extremely useful things for your home there. And some things nobody will guess was a dollar! Especially if you are a homeschool Mom. Or Mom period. You just need a discerning eye! We usually go few times a year. We used to go much more when they carried our bread but they no longer have it regularly. We definitely go when Christmas stuff comes out and again in the spring for summer toys! They have wonderful learning tools and resources for one whole dollar each as  well. So come see what I got and be inspired with thriftiness! 

I bought 33 items so after tax I spent less than $35. Here’s the rundown of what I bought.

Summer items  

3 sand castle buckets 

3 sand play baskets 

2 packs water guns

Ball and bat

Ball and Fat bat (my little needed entertainment hence it’s opened!)

Hula hoop

Sidewalk chalk

Army men per husbands requests (guys lol)

School items

Addition flash cards

Subtraction flash cards

2 numbers sticker books

These are just darling

2 Alphabet books

Great for busy work between assignments

3 new coloring books

3 new packs of crayons

Writing tablet paper


3 new candles for our pillars

2 fun cups for our big kids

Ice cube trays 

And a notebook for Mom because it’s so cute. 

Our family does homeschool year round so I’m always on the lookout for review material or things to make learning fun. And the dollar tree does not disappoint. They had a wonderful selection of workbooks, board books, coloring books and craft stuff. Hey dollar tree you should really be paying me for this free advertisement! 

Happy shopping friends please share any great finds with me! 



  1. I didn’t know that minimalism and the Dollar Tree were mutually exclusive. I thought they went hand in hand unless a person goes just to collect a bunch of stuff that they will not use at a cheap price. The items you picked out are perfect dollar tree purchases. I go for simple items like candles, picture frames for diy projects, and kid stuff also.

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