What Your Wife Really Wants for Mother’s Day: 5 Free Ideas to Make You Her Hero

Mothers Day is just around the corner! If you have small children it’s up to you to make sure she has a celebrated day! Maybe you have older children that can makes a big deal out of Mom themselves, help them make a bigger deal. 

If she stays at home with the children or goes to work she has devoted her life (and body) to carrying on your name. Think about it! That’s not a small thing. Please don’t take it for granted. 

So here’s some great free ideas she’s probably secretly hoping for. She might not tell you but I will!

1. Kick her out of the house. I mean it. When she wakes up in the morning tell her to go enjoy herself. Might be a good idea to let her shower first! And while she is gone do a load of laundry, read Brown Bear, Brown Bear 77 times and take care of feeding the kids.

2. Give her some thanks. Extra points if it’s written down and she can keep it for encouragement on those tough days. Extra extra points if it’s fancy and framed to show off! 

3. Plan a family outing. If your wife says she wants to spend Mother’s Day being a Mom. Take her somewhere fun to do it! Beach, shopping, park. You know her and what she loves. Give it to her but do all the leg work. Including packing the diaper bag and getting the kids ready!

4. Take the kids out. Do you have littles? I mean are your children very young. Does your wife say more than 10 times a day she’s tired? Take the kids out so she can rest. 

5. Be joyful in helping. I can’t tell you the love a woman feels for a man that does stuff without a sigh or being asked but of his own initiative. It’s like the clouds part and the sun shines and birds chirp and juniors tantrum doesn’t stir up as much frustration. Because we have a partner. And we can do anything together! 

There is absolutely nothing better than being loved by your husband. I mean in your face, no doubt about it loved. And nothing better a man can do for his kids than to love their Mom! 

Happy Mother’s Day!



  1. Beautiful words, and all these ideas ring so true. It doesn’t take much! Thanks One Loved American Girl!!

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