Thrifty Thursday: Thrift Store Homeschool Finds

Welcome to thrifty Thursday! Where I share tips, tricks or hauls I’ve done that week to stay thrifty. 

So a couple times a year I will take the kids to the thrift store only hoping to spend a few dollars cash. (Check out our last visit here.)  This has helped stock our homeschool library and resources for very little money. And the kids and I think it’s actually a lot of fun. Today I spent $5 before tax on 3 items! Before I show you our buys I’ll share some of the great finds I saw this trip. 

I fell in love with this bowl but I think it was the $24 price tag that made me think it was beautiful. Ever have that happen to you? Those $100 boots you just have to have but the clearance ones you don’t even want to look at. I call it price tag luring. Once I walked away from it I was over the bowl love. 

  • Tip 1: Walk away think it over. 

This teapot made me think of the golden girls and I wanted it so bad. But realistically picturing myself with it I knew I’d never use it. 

  • Tip 2: Another great way to limit purchases is to imagine actually owning it. If you are honest with yourself the appeal of some items usually fades. And we realize it’s what the thing represents we enjoy not actually owning the item itself. 

Is this not adorable? But I knew it wouldn’t hold up well in my house with small children and frequent moves.

  • Tip 3: Be realistic.  

Um I wish I could have found a sewing machine at a thrift store back when I bought mine retail. But in those days I thought very little of saving money! 

I love C. S. Lewis but never have read these works. They were close to $5 or I probably would have brought them home as the book was in perfect condition. 

This cabinet was in mint condition and you’d probably spend three or even four times on something like this in a furniture showroom.  I took a picture to encourage thrifting. 

  • Tip 4: Check second hand first on big purchases, of course!

I almost decided  to get these they were less than $5 each.  I wanted to paint them and put them on my porch but I was there for homeschool goods. Discipline. Discipline girl. 

  • Tip 5: Set goals and limits before setting foot in a store. And then follow them!

So what did we buy? Simple two puzzles and a book. All three items were $5 before tax!

This book was originally $5 and I thought it was a deal at that price honestly because it is beautifully illustrated for almost 100 pages.

 This willl make for a wonderful read aloud time!I was happy to pay only $1.25. 

The next buy was a large floor puzzle for a whole dollar. 

It has been in various stages of construct since purchase. And if you have ever bought a puzzle at the dollar store you know this is a good deal for sheer size alone!

And our most expensive item was this Melissa and Doug puzzle. 

This item was $2.75 but this brand makes good children’s products so I was happy to pay this price. 

What I love about thrifting is it teaches us to be conscious of each item we buy. Americans are so plagued with constant consumerism pressure it makes for a lot of excess.  And if you have ever seen a thrift store donation bin it also makes for a lot of waste. Wasted money on products that people don’t really need or want down the road. These visits aren’t just about saving money or stocking our homeschool. They are about perspective! Hopefully of a financial and joy stealing trap I pray my children are cognizant of early on! Be blessed and be a blessing friends. 

Happy thrifting friends!


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