Healthy and Frugal Aldi Haul and Menu Plan For The Week

This week my husband won’t be eating at home at all because of his work schedule so I did an Aldi run for the week. I have eggs, milk and meat at home so this was mostly a produce trip. 

Here is what I purchased! 

3 yogurts are missing from this picture as my kids were so excited I bought yogurt that they had one each after dinner. I don’t buy that item often as we treat it nutritionally the same as ice cream. One of these buddies has 17g of sugar. 4g is the equivalent of a teaspoon and 3 teaspoons is one tablespoon so here you have about a tablespoon and a half of sugar in an item many people believe is a health food. It’s a dessert in this house. But on occasion and at request I’ll buy them. I believe firmly that always being a “no” Mom creates a forbidden fruit mindset for children later in life. 

Here is a breakdown of everything I bought price wise! 

12 whole milk yogurts $.33 each -$3.96

Multi peppers 3 pk $1.69 each- $3.38

Green peppers – $1.29

(Peppers were all great prices)

Fresh asparagus- $1.49

Sweet corn – $1.49

Beverage stakes $1.99 each – $3.98

(My husbands love language is sitting with him as he uses a fire pit so I thought these would be perfect for our summer activities)

Kiwis 2lbs – $1.99

(Great price)

Bananas $.29 lb  4.95 lbs – $1.44

Peaches – $1.98

Unsweetened applesauce – $1.89

Ketchup – $.89

( We are hosting a BBQ so this is for that. They did not have yellow mustard like I wanted. )

White vinager – $.79

Sunflower kernels – $1.99

Whole coffee beans – $4.79

(Great price for fair trade certified organic coffee. )

Dark chocolate bars $1.99 each – $3.98

(A treat for me, for several weeks, since I am dairy free and can’t indulge in yogurt. )

Lance peanut butter crackers – $.99

Saltines – $1.19

Oyster crackers $.79

(Both on hand for any sickness as we are depleted. )

Total $38.30 before tax. 

Menu plan

I have a whole chicken and bag of 4 chicken breasts dethawing in the fridge. Also a big bag of broccoli to pull from. I didn’t plan to have all chicken on hand but that’s how it worked out in the freezer.



Lemon pepper chicken, broccoli and homemade biscuits

Slow cooker chicken, roasted potatoes and corn

Veggie upped spaghetti

Chicken soup 

Tacos,  quesadillas and pepper strips

Leftovers x 1


PB & J, applesauce, cut veggies, fruit



Veggies egg scrambles

Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit

Oatmeal and fruit 

Snacks if needed

Seeds, cut up veggies, or fruit 

Pb crackers 

Be blessed friends and be a blessing! 



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