Preparing For Emergencies When You Are Broke: Part 1

I have been part of a military family for my entire life and as such I have lived in many different regions of our fine country. One thing I have learned is no matter where you live you should be prepared for emergency situations. Whether you face the possibility of flooding, hurricane, tornado, blizzard or a completely spontaneous water shortage you should be prepared. Yes, I have been through all these situations. I am no where qualified as a “prepper” level emergency expert. I am however a home keeper and as such that means keeping the residents of my home no matter the circumstances. Evacuation or otherwise. 

In part one of this series I will be sharing 5 items you can get for less than a dollar at Aldi to stock your emergency supplies. (These prices may vary by location but I can’t imagine by much.)


1. Water. Guildlines for emergency preparation are 1 gallon of water per person for at least 3 days. 

Buy a gallon every time you do your grocery shopping and in a few months your supply will be completely stocked. 

2. Canned foods. Some of the things to look for in canned foods are salt content, you don’t want excessively high salt content but you also do need sodium in your diet to keep your electrolytes in check during these situations. Vitamin varieties are really important, you should have a good selection of iron, vitamin A, vitamin c and protein to keep you feeling well and with enough energy to make it through an emergency. And lastly pay attention to shelf life.  Some things perish quicker than others and that will mean you will need to replace those items again before those dates. 

Canned spinach, potatoes, carrots and beans all great items to have on hand. 

This item is especially important because an emergency situation is not just Mother Nature oriented. What if the primary bread winner in your home lost their job? How long could your family survive on your assests and provisions before you would feel desperate? 

These cans are very reasonably priced you could buy 2 a shopping trip to stock your shelves and only spend a dollar. 

3. Canned fruit. This goes with vitamin varieties. You should have canned fruit on hand as well. Pineapple is a great option because of its long shelf life and vitamin C content. A vitamin many pantries are scarce in. 

4.  Prepackaged “meal kits”. These chicken or tuna meals are perfect for a bug out bag. If you are not familiar with that term a bug out bag is for when you have to evacuate quickly. It’s a prepacked bag for hitting the road ASAP. These  items are small, protein packed and palatable.  

5. Evaporated milk. This can be used to replace milk in an emergency situation. Mix equal parts of evaporated milk and water and use in place of milk. It can also be used as is although it is thicker than refrigerated milk. 

If you have small kids this is a good item to have around for comfort or keeping up calorie consumption in an emergency.  


If you were to purchase all these items once a week it would cost less than $5 a shopping trip. To some that may seem like a big amount but you could break up these purchases even further to lessen costs. This really should be a priority for families even when walking through more lean years. It is hard being on a tight budget. It’s even harder being on a tight budget when an emergency strikes. That is not the time to rush to the store looking for high demand items that your life could depend on. A stitch in time saves nine! 

As always friends be blessed and be a blessing until next time!


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