For the Mom That Feels She’s Aged

You know what I’m talking about. You are beautiful and young and expecting one day, the next your hair is in a messy bun, that is out of necessity not fashion, and all the clothes in your closet are either too big or too small. You can’t remember the last manicure you had and your hands look more creased than you expected at this many years. You have been head down plowing through motherhood. And killing it. But…but you wake up one day and don’t recognize that face in the mirror. 

I was hip. 

Do people even say hip anymore? I was desired and I knew how to rock those clothes in my closet. 

Today this lady looks closer to maid than maiden. 

Who are you? How did I get here so fast? Where did all this grey come from? And God, why the sharp turn from raising these blessings? 

I want to encourage you today Mama. You are more beautiful today in that stained shirt than you ever were in your 20s skin. Those hands that have changed hundreds of diapers and caught throw up bare. Those shoulders that have carried uncounted naptimes. The breast that is larger than the other because your baby favored one side. 

More. Beautiful. 

It’s the world that will tell you that you are 20 or old. It’s the world that will find unattractive the woman that chose to stay up craddling her teething child then when her friend called in the morning desperate for a coffee and an ear, neglected her appearance to show up for another. 

We are the future makers. The love givers. The foundation. And God wants you to know. Today as you look in the mirror really see

Who is that looking back? She is an angel on earth. In a profession oft sneered and diminished when in a room of others. But you will know the truth. Because…

as you cradle…

as you cook…

as you care…

you are changing the world. 

Be blessed friends and be a blessing. Until next time!


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