Completely Honest Review of Door to Door Organics (not an affiliate post)

Door to Door Organics offered a coupon this week for up to $10 off the bitty box and they also offered free delivery for your first order. So I would have been silly not to try them!

If you are not familiar with Door to Door Organics they sell organic produce of varying amounts delivered right to your door.  I ordered the bitty box which is the smallest box they offer. 

I signed up on their site which was extremely user friendly. They had a recommended full cart of produce, you could make substitutions as needed. I made substitutions to 3 items for things that my family will be happier to recieve. 

Here is a picture break down of what my order looked like on the mobile site. 

That’s right my total was $12.31 for a box of organic produce *squeal*.

I did a price comparison of the items on a local large produce grocery store. I found the following differences in prices:

Organic green beans same price. 

Organic strawberries $1 cheaper at the store. 

Organic cucumbers $.49 cheaper through D2D. I bought 2 so $.98 cheaper. 

Organic peaches $1.01 cheaper from D2D. 

Organic mango $.13 cheaper at the store. 

Spinach $1 cheaper in store. 

Organic fresh mint not listed. 

Of the things listed you would have spent a whole $.13 less in the local grocery store as opposed to ordering from Door to Door Organics. That is not including the mint as it wasn’t listed. 
Normally you would pay a $5 delivery fee but you recieve free delivery if you spend $75 or more. The company also offers nice cut meats and seafood so it isn’t unreasonable to think you could spend that amount and reach free delivery on things you would actually use. 

When my food arrived today I could follow the delivery time on the mobile site and it was exact. I was thrilled about that as many things I wouldn’t want to sit in the heat even with ice bags in the box. 

On the box it says to save materials  for putting out next delivery day. We have recycling available in our home but I like that they reuse as well! 

My one criticism is that I did not think they packed the box with enough ice packs. It was cool but they should either remark on the site to be an attended delivery or use more ice for produce especially now that we are in the summer. Most the veggies were sweaty. This would have been a problem for me if the strawberries lasted more than an hour in this home!

But they did not!  They were some of the best tasting strawberries we have had recently. 

Overall I would give Door to Door Organics a big old A! I will definitely be using them again in the future. Their prices were competitive, the site easy to use, ordering and delivery super easy and fast. The issue I have with packing is minor and easily fixed by tracking your order online and being home when it is delivered. I believe they did everything to satisfy the customer. I think this company would be perfect for anyone who enjoys fresh produce but especially someone with mobility issues! I really wish we had something like this available during my pregnancy and postpartum days.  Their prices are competitive and the produce is of great quality. Love any company that makes eating healthy easier!

As always be blessed friends and be a blessing!


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