3 Beneficial Things I’m Eating Right Now and Why

Several years ago I drastically changed my lifestyle and went from being more sendentary and indulged to more active and my eating habits have been a constant progression of health. I went from loving unhealthy sugar laden treats to not touching candy for months and then when I would get a piece it would be small and usually unfinished and disliked. Believe me when I tell you the more healthy you eat the more healthy you want to eat. Your tastes change quickly and processed food begins to taste imitation and gross. 

I am far from perfect as I don’t believe there is ever truly such a thing but I’m really loving this healthy and realistic girl adventure. 

My tastes have changed so much that the following are things I’m currently indulging in and loving! 

1. Mint tea. While I joke frequently about being hopelessly addicted to coffee, and I would be if I made no effort against it at all, in reality I’m trying to cut back of all caffeinated drinks. Fresh mint tea is amazing in the morning. It’s cooling and refreshing for the summer and packed with vital nutrients. It is also a natural antibacterial and aids digestion while cleaning the palate and freshening breathe. Really there is so much to love. 

How to make: 

Clean 5-10 mint leaves, tear and steep in boiling water. At least 4 minutes. You could let them sit for longer if you prefer a stronger taste. I have been drinking this so much lately my hubby remarked he needs to get me a mortar and pestle to achieve even greater flavor. 

When done add lemon and honey if desired. 

This tea is delicious without anything added. It’s summer and I have been loving drinking this iced. 

2. Raw Pumpkin seeds. These are by far my favorite seeds and are nutritionally superior to many other snack choices. 

Rich in magnesium, protein and high in fat they are a great salad topping as well. It doesn’t hurt that they have a great taste as well. You can buy them roasted but many suggest to reap the full benefit you should go for them in their raw state. 

3. Kimchi.  I actually consider the fact that I didn’t try Kimchi until well into my adult years as a huge disappointment of my life. When I became dairy free I looked for other natural probiotics available other than yogurt and tried a large variety. Kimchi was beyond my favorite. Surprisingly savory and cravable,I have been hooked for just over a year. And have just brushed the top of my Kimchi experience. 

There are so many natural food products to remedy issues that ail the human body. Consider this encouragement to try new foods that could possibly bless your body and mood! 

If you have tried a new food lately, have been hooked on something for years or love any of these as well I’d love to hear about it! 

As always be blessed friends and be a blessing. 


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