One Thing I Do Every Week That Has Drastically Reduced Our Food Bill

Small everyday habits can lead to big savings. That is something I learned from watching my Grandparents. They lived in one of the wealthiest areas of our country but would compost to put scraps to use and carefully skin potatoes to conserve the most meat. I learned watching them that it is not how much money you have it is absolutely how you use it. 

Many people will pursue a bigger paycheck to achieve greater financial freedom but very few will take the time to make the absolute most out of their resources they have now to gain income. 

So what is one thing you can do every single week to add up to big savings?

Clean out your fridge!

What? Yes, it is that simple. 

Have you ever thrown away food that you had completely forgotten you bought? Or skipped a meal you planned on making and out of change of plans that week end up having the ingredients sit in the fridge until it was too late? There are so many instances of waste in the modern day American kitchen and the best way I have found to stay on top of them is to clean the fridge out every week. 

I usually do this in between my once weekly shopping trip so I have time to use up anything I may have forgotten before I buy new. 

This week the fridge happened to be cleaned out the same day as our Door to Door Organics order delivery which is why you will see some extra fresh produce. 

Here are my before pictures. 

Not the prettiest sight but this is real life. I especially like the turkey wing that broke free of its foil wrap. 

During this clean out I throw away anything perished or disliked and move everything that I need to use quickly to the top shelf. I also wipe down the whole fridge with a soapy rag and restock it with anything I happen to have in the freezer. This week I pulled a pack of butter from the freezer. 

Here are my after photos. 

This is such a small chore that takes less than 20 minutes that honestly changes the way you feed your family. 

Because I cleaned the fridge out I was able to pull butter from the freezer before I made dinner so it now has time to thaw so I’m able to make biscuits. Otherwise we wouldn’t have made biscuits tonight. I also found an open pack of bacon I need to use that I completely forgot about. And realized I need to use up the rest of my ziploc greens tomorrow at the latest. There! I have already planned tomorrow’s breakfast and cemented my meal plan for the rest of the week.

I also threw away some things that were just taking up room and realized we need a few things. This is how I manage a once a week grocery trip without forgetting anything. Clean, organize, and make lists! It’s life changing, honestly. 

Until next time be blessed friends and be a blessing. 



  1. I’ve got to do better at this. I feel like since my husband changed to fresher foods the refrigerator is always overflowing, but mostly with food that requires serious prep that no one eats. Gotta make it a habit to clean once a week.

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