A Peak in my Pantry and 6 Pantry Items to Stock for the Frugal Homemaker   

I did a post not too long ago about my fridge and as I’m always curious how others organize their homes I thought I’d share our basic food pantry. 

We are lucky to have a lot of pantry space. I try to keep at least a month’s excess in our pantry at all times. These extras are stocked up through sales always! These photos were taken a few days before my weekly shopping trip so our cupboards are a little more bare than usual but not by much. 

Behind door number 1!

I keep all our snack foods and hardy produce in these cupboards. My husband and each kid has a basket or bucket of candy each. All collected from throughout the year. I see some of my husbands candy from Christmas in the picture so you can see how frequently they eat these items! I recently shared a grocery haul that I bought myself some dark chocolate bars, I actually ended up throwing them away. We just aren’t a big candy family, not anymore I should say! I also have a good supply of seeds and nuts for myself. The snack items are usually eaten as part of lunch or taken if we go to a park play date. Pretty basic supplies! There are marshmallows and peanuts for firepit nights, cat food, saltines for illness always kept in this house and breads here as well. 

Above this I have two shelves to keep our vitamins, first aid and OTC medicine. 

Here is behind door number 2!

This is everything I use for cooking. I also keep spare condiments, my husbands work drinks and some extra tea here. Above these shelves I keep my husbands lunch box and our paper towels, extra ziplocs and disposable eating items for parties or company. 

These containers have a variety of beans, rice, popcorn and sugars. 

The best thing about having a pantry is of course having more food storage. But even if you do not have a pantry these are some of the basics I highly recommend having on hand. Whether that be a cupboard or shelf somewhere. 

1. Oatmeal- you could have a variety of kinds for very little cost. Large canisters can last several weeks and cost as little as $2. 

2. Rice- if you cannot get to the store and need a starch to fill some bellies rice is a great go to. When our produce drawers get low rice comes in in the clutch. 

3. Applesauce- I buy a big bottle of this every week. When we run out of fresh produce it’s applesauce and eggs for breakfast. Or if I want to do some quick baking I almost always need applesauce. A large Aldi brand jar of this usually costs around $1.69. 

4. Tuna/salmon/canned chicken- so many people forget about these protein options but they are usually a $1 a can and great for lunch or a casserole. Add some noodles and veggies and you are set for a hearty inexpensive meal. 

5. Beans- as with oatmeal there are so many varieties. I have black, kidney, refried, pinto and garbanzo beans all in my pantry right now. I could make burritos, hummus, veggie quesadillas or even just beans and rice at any time. 

6. Quick bake items- you can find cakes, brownies, cookie and muffin mix for cheap throughout the year. We are talking cheap. No these are not healthy but if you are weary and burdened walking through paying off debt a hot batch of brownies after dinner is enough to uplift your family’s heart and set your mind back to tempered spending. Rather small bursts of indulgence than a huge moment of weakness because you never celebrate or have fun. Right?

As always friends be blessed and be a blessing. 


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