When You Really Don’t Want to Clap for Someone Else 

You know those moments that are hard? 

You tried your best. You put in your absolute best effort. Stayed up all night studying. Or maybe worked you fingers to the bone. 

But yet you were overlooked again. 

Or maybe it’s not job related. Maybe you poured out your heart in a friendship and they just didn’t reciprocate. 

You gave your absolute best rendition of your testimony anyone has ever heard. And not one person showed the slightest connection. 

Anytime we sense a failure in ourselves at something we truly wanted it stings. Hurts even. 

And then we witness another with such ease swoop in and land that job. That friend. That connection.  To watch someone else succeed so easily in an arena we bloodied ourselves in is spiritually and physically exhausting. 

And now we are expected to be happy for them? To humbly add our cheers among the crowd? 

Um hello flesh? Meet pain. 

It’s painful to die to this pride. I won’t even lie. The desire to be the best and want the best and have the best among your field/experience/expertise. 

Among all the feeds we can track today everyone of them a competition of likes. 

And there the truth stares at us. That we weren’t the best. Surely if I clap I’m acknowledging that fact right? 

Negative friend. 

We are not clapping to admit defeat we are clapping to admit Christ. 

If we truly believe all good and glorious things come from God then is it not God that promotes? Is it not the Holy Father who aligns each way?

So it isn’t the competition we are applauding today friend. But his way. 

Sometimes God has better things in store, sometimes God denies and sometimes God wants to see what we do. 

When we don’t clap it only keeps us from the party. 

Let’s you and I make this world a better place. 

As always be blessed and be a blessing. 




  1. Working with woman is hard. Especially when the two favorites don’t speak to you. In fact it hurts. Deeply.
    Often I am overlooked and ignored by them. Evan by my boss.
    There are days that I can barely get through the day…..but I try. I try to keep serving them. Helping them. Doing for them….even though they don’t speak….
    I just want to hear The Father speak….well done…

    1. I’m so sorry you are walking through this Lynne. I just prayed for you. If you have done everything you can give it to God and be like Paul in Acts 13 and shake the dust from your sandals. Take no part of that rejection with you. There is something wrong with the rejectors not the rejected. It’s the hardest thing to do but don’t wear it. It’s not your fault. God bless friend!

  2. Yeeeessss 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 So easy to compare and try to figure out what went wrong, especially when we pray so hard about it. I remember something my pastor said, “Never be upset when God is blessing your neighbor. It means that he is in YOUR neighborhood!”

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