Thredup Review and Unboxing 

**This post includes a referral link that benefits this blog. The link does not add any amount on your purchase. As always all opinions and views are 100% the authors.**

If you are like me you LOVE a good secondhand find. I fell in love with a second hand online thrift store a few years ago when I scored some particularly beautiful name brand items at a huge discount. I really loved this Calvin Klein dress scored for less than $20. It will probably never leave my wardrobe. I am just waiting for someone else to get married so I can wear it again. 

Unfortunately my go to place sold their store to eBay and I have been in the market for a new favorite online merchant. That’s where thredup came in. 

I decided to try them recently and here’s my unbiased review! 

The Pros

1.  I felt they had a pretty good selection of brands. I found many items of a few brands I liked. I am a Calvin Klein or Lucky Brands kind of girl usually. And both the brands were an option on their site. 

2. They offer free returns for store credit. I felt their return policy was reasonable. They deduct a fee for original payment return. Which was a little high so if you are spending money there make sure you are aware of the $9 return fee. 

3.  Regular sales or discounts. They offer 40% off first order and I have also received a 30% off advertisement recently. They also offer referral credits. So if you and a frugal friend got together you could work a discount out between you. 

4. Shipping was fairly quick. I hate, hate slow shipping. It’s actually one of the reasons I stopped buying from Old Navy. They take forever to send things. These items arrived in under a week. I bought them Sunday they were here Thursday. 

The Cons

1. I don’t think the items are displayed in a good quality picture. You can’t make out all the details. For example my purple dress said it had a minor stain but I couldn’t find it in the picture and it wasn’t described enough in the description. I’m sure they have many items to input so this may be something you just have to risk ordering second hand online. 

2. Their prices were a little high. The sales prices and discounts for me make this store doable. 

3. I didn’t like a lot of the items. I’m not sure if it was the pictures or the items themselves but it seemed many things were just taken because they were high end not because they were fashionable. To me. Maybe I think highly of my personal fashion sense. So as with every thrift store be discerning. 

Now to the unboxing! I really wanted some more dresses for some events that randomly come up through the year. 

This dress is by lands end. I paid $14.39 for it after discounts. I loved this dress on the site. In person I’m in love with the top and flow of the bottom but I wished it was a few inches shorter. I may look into getting it taken up as I love the style. 

This Calvin Klein dress was super cute and only $17.40 after discounts. I am planning it for early fall or spring with a jean jacket and ankle boots or sandals and a sweater.  

I paid $5.99 shipping which made my order $37.78. Under $20 each for items I’m happy with! 

Overall I think thredup was a great option especially for event wear and now that I know they are a viable option for dresses I’m sure I’ll place more orders soon. 

Happy shopping friends!


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