3 Ways to Save Money After You Leave The Store

So you made your meal plan, bought items on sale, and in season. What else can I possibly do to save money on my food expenses? Is there anything I can do after I leave the store? Why yes now that you mention it there are quite a few things. Here are 3 tips to help you continue your pattern of frugality. 

1. Check your reciept.  I make sure to check my receipt after every transaction and it’s a great thing because I have caught numerous mistakes over the years. People are human and make mistakes. Just this last shopping trip I noticed $8 overcharge by having an item I didn’t buy rung up in my transaction. $8 is enough for a weeks worth of fruit or a whole chicken. Small numbers add up. Be vigilant. 

2. Keep your plan. I get it I do. It’s Thursday and you’ve done great up until this point cooking everything you have planned.  But you are just tired and want to give all the family cereal for dinner and take a nap. There are times to give yourself grace and there are times to get back to work. If things will go bad in the fridge because youaren’t cooking   tonight. Use them up! Stay the course and next week preplan a break in cooking with a leftover night or some other easy cooking day at this time knowing it’s what you will need. 

3. Be nice! I used to work customer service and I can tell you being rude or tough to customer service costs you more money. No one is going to bend over backwards for a jerk. They are going to do the least possible for you to get you off the phone or out of the store. If you have a decreprency on your reciept or a complaint about your experience- BE NICE. You will get so much further. I’ve had associates give me a coupon I had no idea about, return items while telling me to keep the purchase or give me free future purchases just because of my approach.  We  should be nice just because it’s the right thing to do.  But people that work with the public exclusively really appreciate kindness. 

I hope this post gave you some further ideas to save money! I’d love to hear of ways you may have saved money using any of these tips or another idea you use to save money outside the store in the comments!

As always friends be blessed and be a blessing. 


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