Diet Update And What I Eat In A Day

As I shared before my eating habits have been a constant pursuit of health the past few years. Throwing out some advice and picking up others. Bending and melding different things together that my body seems to positively react to. 

I am super excited to share even more meatless meals with you as I transition to a more vegetable heavy diet. I am currently abstaining from all bovine and pork products. And will be limiting my chicken consumption as well. But will still eat seafood as I feel inclined. My goal is to eat mostly a vegetable and whole grain diet. 

This change has been implemented for two weeks now and I’m excited to see the further benefits. I’ll be sharing with you all my experience in the future. It’s still new to me and I’m getting my feet under me!

So here is a typical day for me! The one exception would be that I had shrimp this day. The six days previous I had many more vegetable   and bean centered dinners. 

Breakfast is usually light. This day was seeds with fruit and tea with honey. Smoothies, Oatmeal, and fruit are also things I really enjoy. 

Lunchtime I had a potato skillet of 2 russett potatoes with garlic, onion and spinach cooked in a small amount of olive oil and water. 

Snack time I had two handfuls of cashews, some calcium fortified orange juice, and half of one of my kids graham crackers. 

More caffeine cravings after this. So I made some ginger and honey tea. 

Dinner I had a sweet potato, spinach, and shrimp skillet with brown rice. It was very good. 

Dessert was half a cup of red grapes. 

Snack time after the kids went to bed was a bag of plain popcorn and unsweetened almond milk. 

I also had a multivitamin to fill in the holes. Not sure I like this one yet. The high level of niacin makes my face flush. I have been taking it a short time and have had that reaction every time. It’s uncomfortable but common I am reading. I may split the dose in the future!

I’m really enjoying this diet. I’ve had many positive benefits which I mentioned earlier which I hope to detail further in a future post! As I learn more and more of transiting to a whole food diet frugally I hope to share them. 

As always friends be blessed and be a blessing. 


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