Making Our Pantry Plant Based With One Trip to Aldi

Aldi is a magical place to me, honestly. I’m amazed at the deep discounts on many items they carry. I’ve been known to get giddy in the produce section. Don’t judge.

Where else can you find almost everything on your shopping list  significantly cheaper than in your regular grocer?

There are some items that were less expensive at my grocer, such as oatmeal and cereals, but overall each item on my list added up to great savings. Come see what I bought to help us further adjust to our plant based diet.

I spent the most I’ve ever spent in store this trip.

If you haven’t been following my blog recently our family is transitioning to a more plant based diet. I am definitely fully doing so and my husband is being incredibly supportive.  The kids seem to be getting on board and have been keen to try lots of new foods lately. But I’m not pushing it on anyone and have offered to still buy animal products for my husband if that is what he would prefer.  So in the future I may buy some animal items for him happily but for myself this diet has been a wonderful adventure and I’ve very much enjoyed the change!

Also I have enjoyed the savings! It is much less expensive to eat whole unprocessed animal product free foods. Just throwing that out there for my frugal curious friends.

I decided to go to Aldi to get our pantry more plant based friendly. My goal was beans, grains and more produce.

So here is a break down of the purchases.


  • $2.99 each- 3 boxes of juice- I usually don’t get these things but they are for a party.
  • $1.49 each- 4 bottles of apple juice- These will last a month but I couldn’t pass up that price.
  • $4.79- 1 package of organic fair trade coffee beans for myself- I wish Aldi carried a dark roast. They only have light and medium roasts. I bought the medium roast whole bean coffee.

Canned goods:

  • $.99 each- 4 cans of low fat vegetarian refried beans
  • $.45 each- 2 can of diced tomato and chilies
  • $.89 each- 2 cans of organic black beans
  • $1.89- 1 large can of enchilada sauce
  • $1.89 each- 2 boxes of vegetable broth- this broth is pretty high in salt but I purchased it for roasting so I figured I could just skip salting the food. I would not make soup with this though.
  • $1.89 each- 2 large jars of applesauce

Other packaged items:

  • $1.19 each- 2 whole grain spaghetti noodles
  • $2.49- 1 bag milled flaxseed

  • $4.49- 1 bag pistachios with shells roasted no salt or oil on ingredients list
  • $4.99- 1 bag roasted almonds again no salt or oil
  • $3.49- 1 bag Quinoa

  • $1.19- 1 box saltines- I still have the box of these from our last trip but I always have saltines for us and the kids, for various stomach ailments that may happen, on hand.
  • $1.19- 1 garlic powder

  • $2.99- 1 freeze dried peaches- for kind waiting post church babies.

  • $1.29- 1 freeze dried banana- again kind baby present.

  • $.69- 1 fruit pouch- more kind babies

  • $1.99- 1 32oz great northern beans
  • $1.49- 1 32oz pinto beans


  • $1.29- 1 bag of celery
  • $.99- 1 bag of carrots
  • $.99 each- 3 avocados
  • $.99- 1 bag garlic
  • $.19 each- 2 limes
  • $.59 each- 2 boxes white mushrooms. My picky eater told me last week they now love mushrooms. Insert proud  teary face here.
  • $.89 each- 2 pints cherry tomatoes
  • $2.99- 1 bag of sweet peppers
  • $1.99- 1 bag of sweet potatoes
  • $1.29- 1 2 count bag of green peppers
  • $.44 lb- 1 very large box of bananas of 38.86 lbs = $17.09

So what am I going to do with all those bananas? I’m not crazy I have a plan. 😜 We are a banana eating family and I usually buy 10 lbs every week.  Our family will probably manage to get through 12 lbs before they over ripe which means I will have 26lbs for the freezer. I am excited to sock our freezer for several weeks with some healthy baked goods. And also to make plant based ice cream and smoothies. Stay tuned for many banana ideas as we further eliminate processed foods and animal products from our diets.

I spent a total of $97.44 before tax for several weeks of meals of many organic healthy one ingredient items.

Stay tuned for new to us recipes that are a big hit and more frugal plant eating adventures. And follow me on instagram for daily meal posts!

As always friends be blessed and be a blessing.


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