10 Things From My Experience Transitioning To Plant Based 

As I shared in a previous post I have slowly been transitioning to a plant based diet. I started by giving up dairy. Then pork and beef.  And recently chicken. I have not had fish  two weeks. 

The idea of never eating fish again has been hardest for me to accept as I love seafood.  But after much research I am convinced eating cholesterol containing foods, even if they are low in saturated fats, is not healthy and have decided to go all in with this plant based whole food diet. 

Here are 10 things based on my detailed experience with the transition. If details regarding health are not your interest you may not wish to continue reading but I believe my experience could truely help another person. So here to you go!

1. I lost weight almost immediately. I have been making this transition well over a month and have lost close to 6 lbs in that time. This is without trying to lose weight and while eating a huge amount of, nourishing, food. I have not restricted calories at all.  I am eating a ton of plants and whole grains everyday. But still the weight fell off. 

2. You need b12. If you are giving up animal products make sure to supplement. B12 does not stay long in the body so you could end up exhausted and weak before you know it. It’s just better to have a plan. 

3. Your digestion will significantly improve. Get ready to set your clocks by it! If you have struggled with this at all in your life this will be a most welcome change thanks to good old fiber. 

4. Make sure you are drinking enough fluids. With the significant increase in fiber comes an increase in hydration needs. 

5. Inflammation will decrease. I have struggled with bad joints in some parts of my body thanks to working retail full time during college. A full school load then 8-10 hours on your feet in dress shoes no less for several years will wear on your lower extremities. After a few weeks of decreased meat consumption I noticed a decrease in joint swelling at the end of the day. 

6. More energy. This is a BIG one for me. I wake up energized.  I get more done than I did previous to my diet change and when my head hits the pillow I’m not as exhausted.

7. Feel more alive. I’m not sure I can put this accurately into words. But my need for caffiene has greatly lessened, my moods have improved and my vision feels brighter. I just feel more alive. Like I want to head outside and go on a hike. Which I loved before also but depending on my energy gauge was less likely to happen as often. 

8. PMS is not so bad. So I’m not sure if this is related to the diet change. It could very well be as I am no longer ingesting another living things physical hormones. I had a much calmer menstral cycle since implementing this change. One day of mood irritation and cramps to be followed by a textbook cycle. Not my usual intensity of recent months at all. 

9. My kids are eating more plants. I have not restricted them as much as myself. And I still make meat once in a while for the family but I just don’t partake and the kids all still love milk. I want them to adapt these changes but I’m of the mind you have to lead for them to follow. Especially when this is so new to me. I want to exhibit not force. As such my kids have all been up for trying new foods that I have been eating. And have been exploring their palates more and finding what they like.  It’s not perfect but it’s a positive change for sure. Like when your picky eater now says they like mushrooms. What? Praise God.

10. Food budget decrease. Meat, cheese, and milk are all expensive items on the grocery list. Without me eating them we have saved money. You can buy a bag of brown rice for a $1 and beans for $2. While milk is $4 and a bag of chicken $6.  See the difference. It’s not more expensive to eat plant based. Quite the opposite actually. 

Have you thought about going plant based? Or are you? If you have any tips or tricks to share I’d love to hear them in the comments below. 

As always friends be blessed and be a blessing. 


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