The Moment I Stopped Caring

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Standing in a church potluck line behind a woman I hadn’t met before. Wearing my Sunday best of course. Designer purse, clothes; much more than anything I would buy today. She had kids with her and I remember they were wearing flip flops and had dirty feet. I looked at her and saw a hole in her shirt. Stains. And God whispered ” Do you think they have eaten today?” I was ashamed. I stood behind this woman in line for food. Food that I could afford to buy. Not thinking of how to serve but how I could eat.

And my heart changed.

Not then of course because sometimes the first reaction to conviction is anger. I was angry initially that my flesh was being pulled from my spirit. I could almost hear it scream. “But Father I can be a good Christian and enjoy nice materials” I argued. And I heard him answer back “But should you?”

And that was it. My heart submitted to the lesson. The lesson that I had missed through paying off debt the first few years. I thought I can just get stuff on sale. I can just coupon. I can just etc etc. Still looking to get while being a good steward.

I changed.

I stopped needing. Because I shouldn’t but also because I could be doing so much more. More with my time. More with my energy. More with my me.

I stopped caring about mine.

I am not saying stuff is bad. In Proverbs 31:13-14 “She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar.” we are reminded that a proverbs wife selects dutifully for her family.

But I could not argue that my love of the debt inducing materials were what was outlined in these Bible verses and I could no longer chase the deals.

So I stopped caring.

I stopped caring about new and many. And made due with some and plenty.

I stopped caring about keeping up with the Jones. And went to better follow Jesus.

I emptied my life of many empty pursuits and found things of more value.

And I became truly frugal in my heart. Not for my success but for the kingdoms.

Because you can not help others if you are drowning.

And if this world is not my home then… I should stop caring to dance with it.

As always friends be blessed and be a blessing.


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