A Week Of Breakfasts For Less Than $8

*All prices are subject to change due to inflation, area, and date. But this remains a good base point*

I am sure if you have read any of my posts before you have heard of my love for Aldi. Here are 5 options for breakfast from Aldi to get you through a week for less than $8 each.

Almond milk-$1.99



This breakfast combination would give you calcium, protein and a full dose of vitamin c. It would also provide you about 300 calories. This oatmeal container has 30 servings so you could even double the serving for more calories while still having a weeks worth of food.  You could also add a large bag of brown sugar for $.99 if that is your preference.

Meal option total-$6.37 for the week!

Eggs 2 dozen- $.98


Orange juice-$1.69

This breakfast option would be good for someone that wants eggs. 2 eggs cooked with some spinach and a glass of O.J. would be high protein, high vitamin A and C and run less than 300 calories. I don’t eat eggs but most of my family likes them so this is a good option to have around.

 Meal option total-$5.16 for the week. 


Sweet potatoes-$1.99

Orange juice-$1.69


I personally love this option as I think the flavor combo is amazing and it is plant based. Quinoa cooked and mixed with some roasted sweet potato and ripe avocado would give you healthy fats, iron, protein and over your daily recommended dose of vitamin A. This combo would pack a punch at about 400 calories.

Meal option total-$7.66 for the week!

Sweet potatoes-$1.99

Organic salsa-$1.89


Again a big dose of vitamin A, iron, protein and vitamin C for 300 calories. This sounds really good to me as egg whites cooked with sweet potatoes and seasoned with salsa as a healthier options.

Meal option total $4.86 for the week!

Bananas $.44 lb-$1.18

Avocado $.49

Spinach $2.49

Almond milk $1.99

This would be a perfect option for a day you want a lighter breakfast or mid morning snack. I even know some people that hate breakfast I would encourage them to just try this option to get some nutrients in early in the day. Blend it all up to make a smoothie with healthy fats, vitamin A, potassium and calcium for around 200 calories. If you wanted more protein I would even encourage adding nut butter instead of avocado as the taste is amazing together as well.

Meal option total $6.15 for the week! 

Hope this post gave you some fresh and frugal ideas. As always be blessed friends and be a blessing


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