Admit It Mom. You’re A Failure. 

Moms today… phew. Let’s just say we get a raw deal. 

Years ago when I was growing up I remember my feet hitting the floor in the morning, eating something (sugar and GMOs not even thought of) and getting outside. Like all day. We would be out of the house running the neighborhood. Playing with friends, exploring nature, interacting with any neighbor we came across.  We knew everyone in our small community and they all knew us. It was wonderful! Life was carefree. And we got a heep load of vitamin D, fresh air and friendship everyday. And when our heads hit the pillow at night we were EXHAUSTED

Mom didn’t follow us outside. She was too busy cleaning the house, making things from scratch or building her garden. To sustain the family as we grew. And these things were all necessary to help the family live off one income. Keep littles in shoes and feed us all. Both our parents worked and worked hard. In home or out. They got to know the neighbors and attended block parties. And didn’t need the best of everything or newest of new because when night came we were all too tired to care about all that chasing materials baloney that took attention from the realness of living out loud. 

That’s how life was. For myself and every person I knew.  

Fast forward a generation or two and things have drastically changed. And I don’t know if I believe for the better. 

If I sent my littles outside on their bikes to explore the neighborhood while I mopped the floor I could be at best called a bad Mom. At worst have a visit from our local law enforcement. 

Moms now a days have it so bad and so good. We are told to carefully construct every minute of our kids lives and be ever present. 

We have to be there watching. Don’t you dare pull out your phone while the kids play happily. Never mind what you could be doing on that thing. We have to buy vitamins and organic. And can now be labeled a bad Mom for a sum of three thousand different reasons before noon. 

We have to plan out artful family photo shoots for our family for every Christmas card. But careful don’t take it too far because you don’t want to be narcissistic. We have to grow our own food because of Monsanto but careful don’t buy pretreated wood or GMO seeds because you might accidentally give them all cancer in your good intentions. 

We have to spend hours researching vitamins to find some without toxic, cancerous dyes. 

We have to have perfectly clean homes but we can’t let the kids be with the TV for 5 minutes to work. Hope you like being up late Mom. 

We need to have an advanced degree and side business and more than two kids because come on you have if easy until three. We have to be fit and manicured but calm down lady at the gym do you ever do anything but work  out. We have to read and craft and DIY. And hello farmhouse chic. 

We have to be there for everything but not too much.  Come on don’t hover, helicopter Mom. And the planet is dying buy reusable pouches to refill with homemade organic food or you might as well start a smoke pit in your back yard. You evil polluter. The poor children’s future planet

We have to have kids that meet every social or physical milestone early. On time is pretty close to late. Otherwise you must hold that kid too much or we all know you put them in front of the TV ALL DAY. It’s your fault Mom

We have so many expectations of this generation of Moms. 

So many ridiculous, silly expectations. So we fail. We fail what we think we are supposed to be measured against. 

I tell you we are killing our motherhood. These days are few and precious and we are clogging them with many and unnecessary. 

Woman of past generations did I’m sure. But never before has the competitive nature of woman been pulled so far. All thanks to this little device that also helps us feel not so alone when the day just keeps going. 

It’s not something that is going to change anytime soon honestly. The world is changing. Has changed. And motherhood it’s so big now.  Such a heavy thing. 

I want to encourage you Mom. Drown out those voices that tell you you have to keep up. You have to compete. 

You can’t win

It’s a distraction. It’s a tool of the enemy to break you down and steal away the days.  

You are not failing!

Let’s start today and take our motherhood back. Tell that world where to go. 

Because we need to get back to some things we have left in our childhood and we need to get there together. Before our kids grow up and start to believe they have failed as well. Let’s show them the love of a simple, good life. 

And let’s tell those worldly expectations where to go.  

As always friends be blessed and be a blessing. 


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