Why The Enemy Reminds You

I’m not perfect. My road to Jesus is paved with bad decisions. My road after Jesus…well I still made some bad decisions honestly.

Now I just know it.

Know I need salvation.

I am a sinner.

In desperate need of the cross. It is an inclination that sometimes gets the better of me and I fall. On my knees.

But sometimes before I fall on my knees to reach Jesus I take a detour to my nature. And it’s ugly.

I struggle. And I fail. And I feel I’m the furthest thing from a Christian.


At the height of my victory the echoes of my failures storm my mind.


I know it’s him. Honestly, I know it is. I should be able to fight it better because I know who whispers.

I know he’s doing it to you as well friend.

When you reach that moment and you have sheer excitement. You are on top of your mountain and he breathes in your ear all the shame you have.

You might even be the most studied Christian there is, the breathe still stinks as it whispers.

It is your failures. A hard thing to hear.

Because you know how far you have come. How much shame or guilt or redemption you have felt. And how much the good, good Father forgave you. When you were not worthy.

Friend he’s whispering today to empty your testimony. To kill your heart for Christ. He wants to remind you of every bad deed so you run as far from the town square as possible. So you stop shouting Jesus’ name.

He wants you hiding. He wants you worried what others think.

He wants you ashamed.

Friend pray with me now.

Heavenly Father,

We know the enemy comes against us when we shout your glory Lord. We know that the top of the mountain is where the most arrows are going to fly. Lord we just ask you give us strength to endure the attack. And wisedom as we go foreword to grow in you Lord. We pray your words soak into us Father so that we care not what is said of us more than what is brought from us. Father help us to serve you without fear or shame of who we were or even have been in this new journey Lord. And Father give us boldness as we go forward to keep our eyes on the heavenly prize Lord. In your name we pray Amen!

Friend he’s whispering to stop you.

Keep going.

He knows where you are headed and who you are bringing. 

Keep going friend.

As always friends be blessed and be a blessing.


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