One Ingredient, One Step Frugal Bathroom Cleaner For Caked On Scum

You know what grinds my gears? Soap scum. 

You think you have your cleaning act together then one day you get close enough to the edge of the tub during kiddo bath tub and you see it. 

That’s not the bottom of the tub. That’s a film of something. But I disinfect, I scrub. 

And yet soap scum still shows up at times! 

You can scrub and scrub and soak and soak with heavy duty cleaners and that stuff won’t come up. 

I recently had a dance with some scum I discovered at the bottom of our tub. 

Using heavy duty cleaning chemicals like bleach and the like didn’t really do much to get rid of it. And the smells made me nauseous. 

I was frustrated I brought out the scrubby sponge and even a scrubbing brush both only took up small lines in the white film. Short of using my finger nail to rub up the whole amount I couldn’t see much solution. And let’s be honest what Mom of little has that kind of time? To sit in the bathroom for more than five minutes by herself let alone any longer? Until it hit me. 

I wonder if my dish soap that cuts through grease in the kitchen could take up this stuck on stuff? 

And you know what? It did! A tiny drop of dawn was enough of a lather to cut through the whole tub. 

To say I was elated was an understatement. Motherhood…it does strange things to you. 

Such an inexpensive product that could save me another trip to the store looking for another product. And it was chemical headache free as well

So I had to pass it on to you. If you are dealing with some scum you’ve recently noticed. I highly recommend trying this out before heading to the store or breaking out the toxic fumes. 

My tub was so white after. I couldn’t believe it! And I didn’t have to sit outside reclaiming fresh air for my lungs either.  

I recently saw this tip as well and think I am going to try it soon! I’ll be sure to share back the findings. 

If you have a unexpected cleaning hack please share in the comments and as always friends be blessed and be a blessing!



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