3 Things To Remember When The Sales Lure You From Debt Free Living

It’s here again friends. Black Friday.

The time of year you can get goods for really low prices. And show that special someone you really care with the perfect gift this season.

Also the perfect time to run up the credit card bills and put off debt collecting thoughts to next year.

It won’t hurt. Just a few hundred maybe?

Here are three things to remember when the temptation of spending money you don’t have increases.

1. Check your bank account. Before you go into a store for things you need or open that amazon app. Every time, check your bank balances. I remember not checking my bank balance intentionally before shopping because I knew it would prevent me from wanting to spend. Force yourself to be honest and it will be a lot harder to add unnecessary things to the cart. No matter how good a steal they are.

2. Imagine yourself owning the item. This is a big help for me in preventing unnecessary purchases. If you buy that set of Christmas pajamas how many times are you going to wear them before Christmas is over and you don’t want to sport them anymore? That book you want, how many books do you already have waiting to be read? That kitchen appliance, is it going to end up being a pain to clean and therefore end up unused mostly? Again be honest. Do you need that item? Do you want that item? Is that item going to get lots of miles? Usually if we staunchly evaluate what we want to spend our money on we realize we are buying clutter not deals.

3. Stop putting so much emphasis on the perfect gift. We build up materials to equal love so much in this day so ask yourself how you can show love in other meaningful ways and then buy a gift you can afford. Maybe you need to send more pictures to distant family or stop by a close relatives house and help more. Perhaps you could encourage a friend’s dream or business. Maybe your kids and spouse need you home more not at work trying to afford extravagant gifts. Things are not love. Love is love and there are so many free and irreplaceable ways that this world is desperately lacking in to share yours.

I pray this Christmas you are blessed with clarity in your purchases and love in your heart.

As always be blessed friends and be a blessing.


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