3 Realizations That Will Change Your Spending Habits

You would have to be living under a rock not to realize Americans in general have a consumption problem.

We buy houses exceptionally large for a single family. And we buy a lot of junk to fill them. We just love to consume. I do believe consumption is beneficial. It supports families, builds cities and helps people in need find employment. But it also, if not kept in check, will lead to an empty life of chasing and living in insurmountable DEBT.

If you are like I was some years ago and just starting to peak your eyes above the sand your head was buried in you probably are fighting a lot of old habits and thoughts. So where can we start to stop WANTING all the new? Here are 3 statements that will change the way you see each individual purchase and maybe start us all on a path of awareness.

1. Do you love this item enough to buy it every month? Every item you buy you have to pay to store. You will either pay a mortgage for it, rent or a storage unit to keep it in. Unless you are one of the few Americans that own your property outright! With each added purchase you are increasing your spacial needs. You are buying an item not to fill your home but that you will need a home size to keep. With that comes larger burdens and tasks. The less you purchase today the less you will pay tomorrow.

2. Are you purchasing an item humanly? I used to love sale finds. Today I wonder if someone suffered in the name of that item. Human slavery is still very much alive. People are trapped in extremely low wage high output work conditions around the world. Things we are conveniently not shown when examining something new and shiny in a store.

3. Will this item lessen my hardships? There are things we have to buy. We just have to have them. So it’s not like we can stay away from stores forever. But if an item doesn’t benefit you in more than in aesthetics you shouldn’t purchase it until you are debt free.

The path to debt free is actually a lot of fun. You discover things you never knew and values you never had. The beginning of my debt free journey began with the realization of how much my purchases were fighting against who I wanted to be.

Here is to the continuing journey. As always friends be blessed and be a blessing.



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