5 Things I Did Right This Year

Hello friends. It’s almost here. The New Year. With that comes hope and an opportunity for a fresh start. Maybe even make a few resolutions to finish 2018 in an even better state!

Here are 5 things I did right this past year that I hope to grow on in the next!

1. Went vegan. This has been the biggest change I have made. But also the absolute best. Not only does giving up animal products save our furry friends lives (I saved 20 chickens alone this year giving up my weekly bird) it also greatly reduces our carbon foot print, is better for the environment (think animal waste run off), and is so much healthier. If you are struggling with some health issues I can’t recommend this lifestyle enough. It greatly reduced the amount of inflammation in my body and gave me amazing energy.

2. Set priorities. This has been such a blessing this year. I decided that I wanted to live out my priorities based on where I wanted to be in the future. I knew my image for a happy self in the future meant enjoying my children daily, focusing on our families health, and pushing myself to open my house and myself up to friends more. So this year I gave up chasing perfection and said yes to connection more. I stopped trying to make everyone coifed and took more pictures of my kids as they played. I stopped trying to control the uncontrollable and just let people see my real. And you know what happened? I made some amazing memories. I feel like I spent more time smiling this year than years before. And it wasn’t just about me. I hope my kids saw a real person really loving those around them. Amazing things happen when you decide what your priorities are and live them!

3. Released toxic people. I wish the world was filled with people that love us all and wanted great things for us but reality is people are flawed, sinful creatures. And with that comes emotions like jealously, pettiness, and manipulation. After making excuses for others behavior for so long it gets confusing (are they my friend or am I fooling myself?) and you should really just free yourself. Open yourself up to new friendships and part ways with those who don’t have your back. It’s okay I give you permission to let them go!

4. Pursued the good. Anyone that says they didn’t have some rough days in the past year is a dirty rotten liar. 😳Look in my eyes…dirty…rotten…liar. Life is hard. But you know what happens on the other side of the hard? Lessons. What is God’s lesson in that hard. Maybe a difficult person has shown you something you don’t like in yourself to work on. Or a financial struggle showed you where your weaknesses are. Life humbles us in such a way. We look back and see all the lessons we walked through by God’s Grace and then we realize we aren’t much set apart from others. No better than the next person. We are all in desperate need of salvation everysingleday. So if you are kicking yourself over a hard year- pursue the good. See the lessons and see where you can cling closer to Christ.

5. Got brave. So I started sharing my heart a lot more this year. I felt God calling me to. I don’t know everything but I know when I feel the spirit moving. This blog is a culmination of thoughts that bounce around my upstairs and I want to thank you so much for reading and supporting me this year. But also when I became brave in myself something beautiful happened around me. Others became brave as well. I have gotten to know so many people deeply. Through DIRECT MESSAGE people have told me I have motivated them to be more of themselves, healthier, and try new things because of what I wrote. Whether or not that was to combat my brave or was inspired by it is debatable 😉. But a drop has a ripple effect. And I’m so grateful for what realness has allowed into my life. While it is scary to reveal who you really are (rejection, vulnerability hangover, anyone?) its also really amazing. So get dripping friends!

I pray you have a blessed New Year full of out loud, messy, real, learning, growing life this coming year. And as always friends be blessed and be a blessing.

Happy New Year.


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