When You Don’t Know

Have you ever been in a situation that is unfinished? There is no resolution yet and you have to wait until, well, life brings resolution.

Maybe you are walking through debt. And you have to wait as the pay checks come. Slowly. Maybe you are getting chemo. Or waiting on an adoption. God asks you to just wait. And wait. And wait. In a situation you crave a resolution. You want closed.

One of those situations recently presented itself to me. And God is asking me to wait and just keep faith.

One of our children recently underwent a heart procedure to correct an issue. I’ll just say our child’s issue was affecting their heart so doctors said that a procedure would be needed to correct it.

The procedure went well. Recovery was pretty easy. Two small catheter wounds and healing was quick.

At the follow up appointment our doctor told us the procedure was a success. Unfortunately there was something else. Something that hadn’t been noticed before and now we will have additional monitoring, additional considerations. Nothing needs to be done. Yet. But something needs to be watched. So we wait.

I haven’t cried. I’ve just been absorbing. I’ve just been waiting.

And I’m so grateful to God for this.

I wish so much my child didn’t have to have any health considerations. I wish no one ever had to walk through hard.

But I’m so grateful for the moments God presses pause.

The last week we have gone through a needy stage. AND I’VE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. The Mom before waiting might have seen it differently when she peered the dirty dishes in the sink over her snuggling child’s head. Or wished she had more time to catch up on her hobbies.

But this Mom is so grateful for the pauses. Because when God hits play again. When he shows up in his time. When the situation is resolved I will be praising God for the love he grew today.

From hard won battles. Long prayers. Hard waits.

They resolve. The faith has grown and the love is deeper.

And the priorities straight.

So God press pause. I’ll wait. And while I wait I’ll love.

As always friends be blessed and be a blessing.


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