Why Does It Hurt

My oldest child has been waking up in pain recently. His knees, elbows, and shoulders especially.

Growing pains.

He eats a ton lately and sleeps longer than before. He’s growing.

It’s been pretty uncomfortable for him. I vaguely remember growing pains and they are not fun.

This is a time of resting and fueling and growth. He’s not wanting to do much extra because of the soreness and fatigue.

But I can visibly see the changes.

His feet look huge to me.

I still remember the day before I gave birth to him trying to nap as those little piggies stretched all the way into my ribs.

He’s changing.

But it’s not soft.

It’s hard and fast and new.

Isn’t that just the journey though?

As you sing those worship songs, say those prayers, doing that service…maybe the pains come.

It’s exhausting. Unpredictable. New.

But then in the morning there you are a new creation.

Hold on friend.

He’s growing you.


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